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Watch our "Marina Hokey Cokey" video and add comments

Marina Hokey Cokey

It was at last time to leave our morning in the Menai straights. We had been there two weeks, and in that time we had a rest which we both needed. Three weeks of being in the yard working flat out...
Watch our "No regrets" video and add comments etc.

No regrets!

On the 14th March we celebrate two years of Salty Lass coming into our lives and reflect on how it has changed us. Two years ago we had our sea trial and survey and that had gone well, so the...
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Pan Pan

Water was gushing into the engine compartment and filling up with diesel fumes so we declared a Pan Pan. We had at last escaped Conwy, the weather was pleasant and we could at last feel the...
Watch our 'Weather bound in Conwy' video and add comments etc.

Weather bound in Conwy

We were weather bound in Conwy, so we took the opportunity to go for long walks along the beach, we find out about feeder crabs, stormy weather and when it is wise to turn back. While we were...


With the weather we had in Conwy, we were able to take some really atmosperic shots ...