Mooring Balls

There are lots of mooring balls that you can use while you are cruising, they are usually cheaper than a pontoon, they are really easy to hook yourself on to and they are minimum fuss when you leave.

Watch our "At least we're not a fugly boat" video and add comments

At least we're not a fugly boat

We had left the anchorage in Dunmore East and we were at last sailing, We were just near where the gas regulator had failed and we were putting on a cup of tea, so we felt that we were at the moment...
Watch our "Oops! Our solar panels got pulled off!" video and add comments

Oops! Our solar panels got pulled off!

Sailing is a constant task of assessing the wind and making the most of the conditions you have. That is one of the reasons that we called our Genoa the Hookie Dookie sail as it comes in and out so...
Watch our "The engine's fine, but the crew needs a jump start" video and add comments

The engine's fine, but the crew needs a jump start

We were at anchor in Lagg Bay and we were trying to get a forecast, so we made my phone into a mobile hot spot then hoisted it up our flag hoist, to see if the extra height could get us the signal...
Watch our "Don't put the sails up backwards" video and add comments

Don't put the sails up backwards

We left the secret anchorage after a few days chilling out and working, but the weather was right for moving on and more importantly the time window for departure had reached dawn rather than prior...
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Mooring techniques

Well the winter talks have begun and to kick the season off, we start with how we moor up to mooring buoys Why moor, or What is wrong with marinas? Location - They might not be where you...
Watch our "Scotland's best kept secret" video and make comments

Scotland's best kept secret

We had finally got past Ardnamurchan point and it's lighthouse, which needed a lick of paint in my opinion. It was the same colour as the rock it stood on, so did not particularly stand out. The...
Warch our "We can do this the hard way or..." video and add comments

We can do this the hard way or...

We anchored in Loch Aline, this meant that on this trip we had been on the pontoon, taken a mooring ball, and now we were anchored. So, if you ever come to the Loch Aline, there are plenty of places...
Watch our "A big detour, but worth it" video and add comments etc.

A big detour, but worth it

After we dropped Karen off, the weather turned from mild to horrible, so we had to cross the bay over to Oban Kerrera. You are only allowed to stay in Oban Transit for a limited period, and while it...
Watch our "We got ourselves a convoy!" and add comments

We got ourselves a convoy!

After the yard, we stayed in Liverpool marina for one night as there was still lots to be done including adding sails and giving Salty Lass, the first of many cleans that were needed. However,...
Watch our "It is not a relaxing sail" video and add comments

It is not a relaxing sail

After having a few hours rest in the Isle of Man we continued on our journey to the Isle of Man. With the previous two days we have been motoring through fairly flat seas. Well the journey on was...
Raising money for the RNLI

The RNLI turned 200 years old on 4th March 2024. So as sailors and people who promote the joy of sailing, we thought that we would like to raise just £200. What we hope is that other people take up the shout and raise their own £200. In the last 200 years the RNLI have saved over 144,000 lives and yet they are funded entirely by people like you. They are not government funded.

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