Sailing Yacht Salty Lass

Crazy Adventures, Fun and Friendship

These are the voyages of Salty Lass, a Bavaria 36 circa 2002, the two skippers Beverley and Gaynor and their assorted crew, including Prudence the channel mascot.

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Happy days

The weather is still truly dreadful. It is February and we have had storm after storm. So with yet another storm raging on our door step we decided to once again look back through our achieves, but...
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More Hard Lessons

On Sunday the beast from the East was raging so Beverley and I went out for a walk, just to create the introduction to this weeks video, as our odyssey into the past continues with more hard...
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Hard Lessons

Well it has been particularly cold, wet and miserable down at the marina, so seeing as most of the jobs that we need to complete are outside we decide to share our hardest lessons. So we...
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It's a cover up

Well the electrics were in, so now it was time to get my trusty sewing machine out and put it to good use building our extension. So with me taking up all of the room in the main cabin Beverley went...
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Have we wired our AC mains backwards

Our sockets were ready and we had run our cable through the yacht so now it was time to wire up the AC on our boat. We had a few hiccups along the way, like I broke another pair of glasses, but we...
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AC Power on our sailboat

Some jobs just take forever even if they are really simple. With the job in this weeks episode, we started the job one year ago and we finally had a useable product this week. There were lots of...