Before Salty Lass

We started our You Tube Channel under the name Splice and Dice. We wanted a channel that reflected our two main hobbies, Sailing and Cooking, so the Splice was for Sailing and the Dice for cooking. We soon learned that they were not good bed fellows, but we created lots of content before Salty Lass and here is just some of our stories.

Watch our "Survey and Sea Trial" video and add comments etc.

Sea trial and Survey

Once you have decided that this is the yacht for you, then it is time for the test sail and survey. We had put in an offer on a boat in Troon, but we had failed to agree a price, with the...
Yacht buying Check list

Yacht buying Check list

When we were looking for our boat then there was several things that we looked for ourselves. Depending on if the boat was in or out of the water made some of the items easier, while others...
Watch our "Searching for our boat" video and add comments etc.

Yacht Search

Searching for a cruising yacht can be a lot of fun, but the first thing you need to do is service your car as you will be covering a lot of miles, as you go from one marina to another. So you are...
Diesel Course

Diesel Engine Course

In January 2018 Gaynor attended a diesel maintenance course with four other members of Liverpool Yacht Club(LYC). During the morning the five members of LYC found out about adiabatic...
Watch our ' Clipper Race Start 2017' and add comments etc

Clipper Race Start 2017

It was the day of the Clipper 2017 departure and we got ourselves onto the press boat so that we were up in the action. The Clipper Race 2017/2018 was ready for departure from Liverpool and...
Watch our 'Clipper Dinner' video and add comments etc.

Clipper Dinner

As Sir Robin Knox Johnson is the president of Liverpool Yacht Club, Beverley and I helped set up a dinner for all the skippers of the clipper race and I got to interview Sir Robin Knox Johnston. ...
Watch our 'Boats come in' video and add comments

Clipper Boats arrive in Liverpool

The Clippers arrived in Liverpool and the crowds that came out to see them was fantastic. As members on Liverpool Yacht club we managed to get behind the scenes and talk to some of the crew. We...
Watch our 'Power tools are a girls best friend' video and add comments etc.

Power tools are a girls best friend

We needed to finish decorating our house so that we could sell it. This meant that we seriously needed some Power Tools and as luck would have it, we saw a set down at the local shop for only...
Raising money for the RNLI

The RNLI turned 200 years old on 4th March 2024. So as sailors and people who promote the joy of sailing, we thought that we would like to raise just £200. What we hope is that other people take up the shout and raise their own £200. In the last 200 years the RNLI have saved over 144,000 lives and yet they are funded entirely by people like you. They are not government funded.

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