What fun will we have this year

Watch our "Where we spent all our savings" video and add comments

Where we spent all our savings

Next week we will finally be installing the DC-AC convertor that we bought last year with the last of our budget. So we thought that this would be a great opportunity to discuss our budget for...
Watch our "Varnishing and Condensation" video and add comments

Varnishing and Condensation

As soon as the New Year hit I was off the boat visiting friends and family. I love catching up with everyone, but it means leaving Beverley alone and I think she ended up talking to herself as well...
Watch our "Why do we need to know anything about tides?" video and add comments

Why do we need to know anything about tides?

It was the 31st of December and I was doing the washing so I had a huge pile on deck. Beverley was very cheeky and asked what my favourite laundry moment of 2021 was, to which I had to reply, Cuan...