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Sailing Plans for 2020

It can be a bit strange, but it can also feel like an honour when one of our fellow yachties mentions us in either a comment, a shout out or even a collaboration. Here are all of the mentions that we have received so far.

Carl and Jenny Sailing Adventures

Sailing Plans for 2020

It was great to be asked to be involved with this collaboration, especially as there was a lot of other channels that we have been watching for a long time involved as well. (Published 22nd January 2020)

FlyingNando SV

Watch "FlyingNando SV" video

Beverley loves to help other people and when another channel was having issues with their logo, then Beverley got stuck in and helped. It meant that we got a shout out, so as a reward, we are quite happy with that. (Published 24th January 2020)

Sailing LadyG

New Toilet

One of the newest sailing channels, but we are following him because, we has bought a boat we had looked at while we were looking for Salty Lass. In fact, it is exactly the same configutation as ours, but his came with radar and no heating, while ours has heating and no radar (Published 20th Jan 2020)

Follow the boat

Follow the boat

Not in the video but in the description because at an average age of 5* we are part of the older generation who are also blogging (Published 8th December 2019)

Also in a follow up piece

Patrick Laine

Solo Sail from Scotland to Isle of Man

We had chatted to Patrick Laine on his solo sail from Scotland to Rathlin Island on the radio and he was good enough to thank us for this in some words on his video. (Published 10th June 2019)

Sailing Channel Marinus


This episode was dedicated to us, may-be Beverley and I were mermaids in a former life. It is completely surreal so be warned. (Published 29th March 2019)

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Raising money for the RNLI

We were only on our third sail in our brand new boat to us and we had to call the coast guard for assistance. That assistance came in the shape of a RNLI boat from Portpatrick, so we have decided to raise money for the RNLI through our Damsels in distress page on just giving, that way you know that any money goes straight to them. We have set ourselves a target of £500 and we would like to honour our pledge, so if you like our videos then please give a little to those who rescue people in the seas around the UK.

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