Foul tide be d*mned! We're going anyway

We were sailing at a good clip of knots down the Sound of Jura and I was juggling like mad, trying to make the best decision, on where to go. We could get to the mouth of Loch Sween in an hour, then Gigha two hours after that, but I really wanted to go to Carsaig Bay because I had not been there before. I was also thinking about the wind direction, because we had the wind on our beam, so Carsaig Bay might not ne the best place to be. Another issue that I was thinking about was the weather tomorrow, as force 7 winds were predicted, from the South East, so we would be going directly into these. I have to say I was incredibly indecisive. So I had just made the decision to sail on, when the wind died and we were all of a sudden going at a pedestrian plod, so Carsaig Bay, was our only choice.

Once we were anchored up, we had a nice curry. That is one of the advantages of having a Mr. D aboard, your dinner is ready when you are and after a days sailing, good nosh is what you need. It was a lovely night and the sunset was beautiful.

The next morning, we woke up to find that we were directly over the anchor, as our anchor ball was directly behind us. So Beverley had to motor away from the anchor before we started lifting, but as soon as we had done that, we were off sailing, this time with Beverley on the helm and myself on the sheets.

We went out as soon as we were up, as there was some tide in our favour, so we sailed at 2.7 knots, slow but sailing and that was what we wanted. We were going against the tide because, although the tide should of been with us, it sets earlier on the Carsaig Bay side and later on the Jura side, so we sailed over to the Jura side so that we could make the most of the tide that was available.

We made the most of the winds, with the really light winds giving us a sedate 0.5knots, but we could see a line in the water which usually indicates a change, be it a change in the tide, or a change in the wind and I'm glad to report that it was an increase in wind, so we were soon sailing again. However the tide against us was rising, so we decided to anchor for lunch and our lunch time anchorage was Lagg Bay on Jura.