What is it you want?

Well we were back in Carrickfergus, so it was time to state what our projects were and ask viewers what they wanted to see. Our channel is our story but it is also a way to help others.

We were back in Carrickfergus and it was rather windy, so we were quite glad to be back in Carrickfergus. For me personally it was the right decision because one of my clients said that he was going bust, so I sent in an Invoice and he paid it. It does mean I am down a client, but at least I got paid for the work I have done.

Once we were back, we started by cleaning the decks and inspecting them so that we could down all the jobs that we wanted to do:-

  • Sail Bag Repair - The zip on our sail bag has got UV damaged and is now split in two places so that will need to be replaced. While we are doing that we will clean the tail and Teflon coat all the slugs.
  • Checking the stanchions - For this we will be just checking the stanchions to see if they need re-bedding
  • Remove old solar panels - Remove the old solar panels and clean where they were
  • Sort out our AC situation - When we are in we have one extension block running through the boat and we have wires every where so we want to improve the AC aboard and while we are at it add an inverter so that we can have AC aboard when we are at anchor
  • Windows - All our windows are crazed so we want to replace them. This includes replacing the top hatches as well, so lots to do on that one

Quick snack

One of our quickly snacks that we make quite often in Chorizo toasty. It ia a really quick snack that consists of two pieces of toast plus some cooked chorizo. We also butter the toast so their is a fair few calories in it, but it tastes so nice.

What do our viewers want

We simply asked our viewers what they wanted, we have already been asked by our viewers for a video on how to fill in a log book and another viewer has asked us to do a video on close hauling so we have a video on that. But we are still preparing to do our Yacht master exam so if there is something that they want to know then we are quite happy to do that for them. We learn by doing so we do the action, then we make a video about it and by telling others we learn

Simple Projects

Adding more insulation - A very simple project that we did was cut up some foam insulation into squares so that we could have some more insulation around the windows. It really does work and it cuts down all your damp

Fixing the computer - In this case it was worn out insulation, but we have also had salt crystals forming on the memory chips, so add computer electrician to the list of jobs that we can do