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Simple lee cloth

Simple lee cloth

This is a great design for very simple bunks like ours on Salty Lass which are straight benches, which also have two places at either end of the bench where you can mount two saddles. If you are new...
Watch our "Getting ready to go" video and add comments etc.

Getting ready to go

Restrictions are starting to get lifted, so it was time to finish off loads of little jobs that had been started, but not finished, as well as clear the back cabin, of all the stuff in it. A lot...
Watch our "Making side panel" video and add comments etc.

Making side panels

Due to the truly rotten weather our side panels had got really baggy, so I decided to make them shorter, but first I thought that I would share all the hints and tips of making the panels in the...
Watch our 'Sail cover repair' and add comments etc.

Sail cover repair

One of the projects that was needing to be done was fix the binnacle caver. It had one or two rips in the canvas which I repaired by adding a piece of fabric to the back of it, then going over the...
Watch our Getting the Grot off the yacht video and add comments etc.

Getting the grot off the yacht

Every time we come back to Liverpool, we update a little bit more of the yacht. On our way down from Whitehaven, the cover on the wheel had got a little bit tatty, so one sunny afternoon, I got my...