Stripping, Rolling and Booming

Our time cruising was coming to a close, we had things to do in Liverpool, so it was time to start heading for home in Liverpool. The passage though the Donaghadee Sound had been a lot easier than we had imagined, so we thought that we would go this way again. Then once through the gap, we would be able to head straight for Peel on the Isle of Man.

Although we had timed the passage correctly, we had wind over tide for some of the passage, which meant that we were rolling quite a bit. The winds were very light, which meant that every time we were hit by a roll, the boom would swing from one side of Salty Lass to another. It meant that the ride was a little bit scary as the boom swung. We need a boom break, and this will be one of the things that will get fitted in the refit. So we had to put the sails away and motor, to Peel.

In Peel we had to tie up to a harbour wall again. We had just tied up, when we saw a harbour seal. It was fantastic to see the creature just swimming of the side of the yacht.