B.O.A.T. stands for Bring Out Another Thousand, we didn't spend that much but we certainly did spend some money in Bangor Marina, which had quite a nice chandler on site. Beverley and I love going around the chandlers and we bought some bits and bobs for Salty Lass.

Bow Fender

Beverley got a Bow Fender at £20, which was a bargin as far as she was concerned. When we had looked on line, we had seen prices much more than that, so we replaced our wishbone fender, which is great for yachts that only use one slip, but when you are going into new harbours, like we are, then you really need a long fender. Beverley added bungy cords to the bow fender so that it was the correct size for Salty Lass.

Snubber Hook

I bought a hook at £10.00 and 5m of nylon line at £2.00 per metre. I spliced the rope to the hook, using the three braid splice technique. This little addition will make anchoring a whole lot easier.

Other Purchases

In addition to the above, Beverley bought herself some new binoculars, and we bought the charts we will need from Todd Navigation that we will need for next year.

Other jobs

When we were talking to a guy down at the maria, he showed us some salt cystals in and around the windlass. He was right, it was absolutly covered with a fine line of salt in between the windlass and where the windlass sits. Once we had discovered this oversight, Beverley got stuck right in and cleaned it all up.

Our Freebie Docking Stick

One of the things I love about watching other you tube channels is the fact that they show you stuff that you had never heard of before. So I had been watching Patrick Lanes Channel and he was showing how he uses a docking stick. I looked at it and I said, I want one of those.

You will need

  • 2 clips - These need to be big enougth to clip onto your boat hook
  • Twine - What you have in your splicing bag will be great for this job
  • Tube - This needs to be big enouth to go over the line that you are going to use as your temporary line
  • Boat Hook - Or some other pole that you have handy in your locker
  • Line - We use a 10mm line as this line can be wrapped around our winch and locked off


Lash the two clips onto the tube, one at either end making sure that the two clips can both clip onto your boat hook at the same time. Now put your line through the tube and make a good sized loop which you can easily put around a cleat on the pontoon, while you are on deck. Put a whipping at the position of the knot. This will make your life easier next time. Now stretch our from deck with your line and get a friend to help you pull the remaining line on deck. Where the line goes throgh your hard point, put a whipping here too, so that you have your line all marked up for your boat. The hard point that you select, must be as close to the centre of gravity for your boat as possible.


While we were looking around Bangor, we found a one man band stand and we also found out that they started the d-day landings in Bangor

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Raising money for the RNLI

We were only on our third sail in our brand new boat to us and we had to call the coast guard for assistance. That assistance came in the shape of a RNLI boat from Portpatrick, so we have decided to raise money for the RNLI through our Damsels in distress page on just giving, that way you know that any money goes straight to them. We have set ourselves a target of £500 and we would like to honour our pledge, so if you like our videos then please give a little to those who rescue people in the seas around the UK.

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