Giants, fridges and kedgeree

Here be giants

The giants were in Liverpool so we went to see them along with our friend Karen. It has been a long time since I saw the crowds that were in Liverpool. The last time that I saw that many people was at a royal wedding. There were hundreds of people lining the streets, wanting to see the giant figures. The people moving the giants were incredibly fit, swinging on ropes to move the giant legs, then getting back onto the trucks ready for there next movement. The next day when we were on Salty Lass, we watched as a giant shoe was manoeuvred around the marina. Beverley got Salty Sausage out so she could join in, but with all the smoke it was very difficult to see. I walked along the pontoons and I got a much better view as the shoe was put onto the lift to be put into the yard. Even for this there were loads of people watching and the guys at the yard were not as slick as they usually are as one of the control mechanisms got entangled in the lift.

Fridge Clearance

The arrival of the giant in the shoe had interrupted our fridge clearance. Beverley was concerned about the insulation in the fridge, so she removed all the boxes that we had, then used an old sleeping mat around the inside of the fridge to add another layer of insulation. The good thing about using a sleeping mat is that it is completely washable. As Beverley had got all the boxes out anyway, I thought it was an ideal time to give the fridge a little bit of a clear out so I made a kedgeree.

Ingredients - Parr cooked rice, Strong fish, what ever you have in the fridge. Onions, mushrooms, tomatoes peppers all work well with this dish

Method - Stir some diced onions in a little oil, then add the other ingredients from the fridge. Peppers, mushrooms etc. can be added early while tomatoes should be left to the very last minute. Add the strong fish, then add the parr cooked rice.

Decorate your dish with a boiled egg if you have one.