Power tools are a girls best friend

We needed to finish decorating our house so that we could sell it. This meant that we seriously needed some Power Tools and as luck would have it, we saw a set down at the local shop for only £380.

Down at the local DIY shop we saw a whole load of Power tools for a bargin price of £380. It was a huge box and inside the box was two bags. Inside the bags we had

  • Two Batteries
  • Drill
  • Impact Driver with light
  • Sander
  • Multi tool
  • Angle grinder
  • Circular saw
  • Jig saw
  • Tourch
The only problem was two items were missing which were the
  • Radio
  • and Battery Charger

However, we did manage to get a Battery charger and the radio, so I was a lot happier.

Using the tools

We have used the tools for so many projects updating the house so we could sell it and on the boat

  • Sander - Used for preparing wood, preparing the keel of the boat before painting, sanding corners and all sort of other preparation of surfaces
  • Multi tool - Used for small sanding jobs, but the multi tool is just so handy for small jobs like small sawing jobs, a real handy tool to have on your boat
  • Angle Grinder - We have used this on the boat, for sawing 516 steel tubes and really hard metals or other materials
  • Circular saw - We used it to cut wood, for our book case and various small projects on the boat
  • Jig Saw - Used for sawing corners and such like
  • Drill - This is by far the most usefull tool on the boat, be it drilling holes, tightening screws and other jobs like that.
Tools we should be using
  • Impact Driver with light - Apparently this tool would be better for screws, so we'll have to try is and see if we stop bearing out the heads

Tools we hardly use

  • Tourch
  • Radio

The Verdict

  • Sander - The switch is right under where you put your hand so can be very annoying
  • Circular saw - We would like the light to be a little bit brighter for really sunny day.
  • Multi tool - The tool can vibrate the little switch to the off position
  • Drill - You can knock the drill bit off quite easily