We're back

We are back in Liverpool, so it was time to decide what we want to do to convert Salty Lass from a short time sailor or a weekender to a full time cruising boat.

So projects that we have coming up are:-

  • Our solar panels are just not good enough. They really are not good enough, I think that they are about 14" across, the only thing they are good enough for is a trickle charge to the starter battery
  • We need a canvas enclosure across the back to protect us from the weather
  • We need an arch of some kind so that we can put solar panels on
  • The binnacle needs upgrading to include a full auto pilot, which it currently doesn't
  • Our chart plotter need upgrading
  • Some of our lines need upgrading so we have some splicing work to do
  • The biggies are, is that Salty Lass needs hauling out and the anodes need replacing
  • The toilet needs new piping
  • The standing rigging needs to be done, so the whole mast needs taking off, so that is going to be a bit of a job
  • The cooker needs replacing because it is worn out. This is mainly because Beverley needs a grill

On top of all the boat projects that we have, there is an eclectic mix of stuff coming up. Some of this is related to Marina life with all the things that are going on either here at the marina or at Albert Dock. While some of it is related to being a club officer, so we got involved with the 24hour race at Southport.

Plus there are other things that we have seen, like we went to see the giant spectacular, which is not something that you will see every day. There is just so much to do, so we are going to show you some of the social side of sailing.

We have also had a request for some more cooking, so we are going to buy MR D's thermal cooker. We are going to investigate a lot of one pot recipes as these are perfect for a boat

We are hoping to continue with a weekly schedule, but if we have to move to a fortnightly schedule we will tell you. This can be because when we were working on the heating system, this took two weeks with all the work that needed to be done, but this will come down to one 10 minute video.

We also wanted to say a great big thank-you to our subscribers who now number over 100, so this means we have an unique url which is


To celebrate the fact that we had got our 100 subscribers, we held a draw out in the cockpit with one of our subscribers winning a fleece that I was given by the Lord Major of Liverpool

We then said our next target which was the fact that we are trying to raise some money through our damsels in distress page for the RNLI. We are trying to raise £500 of which we currently have £25.00 so not a lot really. We do have some great ideas as to how we can raise the money, but if any of our viewers like our videos, just give the money to the RNLI


Beverley, then went and told everyone about my meeting with a guy from the RNLI who actually went and asked me who owned Salty Lass. He had heard our name several times on the radio and he wanted to know if I knew the owners. Of course we laughed when I admitted that Salty Lass was our boat.

He has invited us to go over and see him in the new year at New Brighton, so that is something that we will do.

We rapped up the conversation saying that we had to turn the boat around, which we did and I have to say that Beverley did a fantastic job of turning Salty Lass around