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Watch our "Will she have the nerve to do it" video and add comments

Will she have the nerve to do it

A re-edited version of our early sails We were in Liverpool and it was time to go sailing, so our first task was to hoist the dingy into it's sling on the back of Salty Lass. Next was all the...
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More Stuff goes wrong

Two great passages to Holyhead, electrical issues, family, and lots of engine trouble as we travel from Beaumaris to Porthdinllean on the Llyn Peninusula and then on to Holyhead. The weather...
Watch our 'Clearing up after Pan Pan' video and add comments etc.

Diesel engine exhaust elbow

The clean up after our Pan Pan begins, so we sort out our problems and we discuss wind over tide. One of the issues that we had discovered after our Pan Pan was that the diaphragm around the...
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Pan Pan

Water was gushing into the engine compartment and filling up with diesel fumes so we declared a Pan Pan. We had at last escaped Conwy, the weather was pleasant and we could at last feel the...
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Stormy Weather

We went around Conwy one last time and found a defibrillator in a phone box, which I thought was a great use for the old style telephone box. The weather predictions were fine and everything...