Slinging the sausage

One of our subscribers was interested in how we mount our dinghy Salty Sausage to our stern so we decided to create an extra just for them and anyone else who was interested.


  • Dingy
  • 4 Dingy fenders - Two of these we put by the side of the back stay so that our dinghy is protected from these wires, the other two we put between the boat and the dinghy at the most sensible place just to make sure that the dinghy is not resting on the boat.
  • 1 bridal - This is in the shape of a triangle with two clips at the bottom of the triangle that goes into two hard points on either side of the transom, the top of the bridal just needs a ring which has a painter in it
  • 2 hard points - These are on either side of the transom and are what the bridal attaches to.
  • Training wheels - These wheels are just in the side of the swim ladder and protects the dinghy from the swim ladder
  • Optional securing rope - This runs from the top of the mast and is used to secure Salty Sausage to the boat and prepare her ready for sea.

Key points

  • As well as using the painter on the bridal, you can use the painter on the dinghy to secure your dinghy
  • We also run a line from the back of the dinghy, so that the back is also secured
  • When you store a dinghy across the back of your boat like we do, it acts as a nice back rest when you are under passage as well as a little bit of a wind break at the back too.