Government House - Holyhead

In Holyhead, I was intrigued by the old buildings on the shore line, which turned out to be Government House and Soldiers Point. They had been abandoned, but they were still beautiful.

They just needed some love. I was also intrigued by the devastation that storm Emma had brought to Holyhead in March 2018 and the lingering after effects of the storm, which could still be seen.

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Polystyrene blocks
What's left of the marina
Government House - Holyhead
Ivy on Government House
Soldiers point
Soldiers point
The remains of a pier
Abandoned boat
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Raising money for the RNLI

We were only on our third sail in our brand new boat to us and we had to call the coast guard for assistance. That assistance came in the shape of a RNLI boat from Portpatrick, so we have decided to raise money for the RNLI through our Damsels in distress page on just giving, that way you know that any money goes straight to them. We have set ourselves a target of £500 and we would like to honour our pledge, so if you like our videos then please give a little to those who rescue people in the seas around the UK.

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