High Wind Sailing

Watch our "High Winds sailing" episode and add commets etc.

We were cleaning up our cameras when Beverley found some lost footage from one of our Autumn sails, so we decided that this was what we would focus on this week

Keeping up do date

With all the stuff that is going on, we decided to give a quick update on all the stuff that is going on at the moment.

  • Well we have started a new channel called Cooks Tour which concentrates on cooking on a sail boat. It stems from when we were splice and dice, so sailing yacht salty lass will look after our sailing while cooks tour will deal with our other passion which is cooking
  • The other things we are going to do is finish our winter projects
  • If we can progress anything for the yachtmaster then we will.

Lost footage

The lost footage was from a sail on the 14th September from Caernarfon to Porth Dinllean,

The forecast had said that we should have a S or SW 3 or 4 increasing 5 later occasionally 6, with the sea state slight to moderate

What we had was a F5 dead on the nose so we diverted to our alternate destination of Porth Dinllean

As we had a F5 dead on the nose, we decided to go to Porth Dinllean, that way we could sail close hauled. So we had all three reefs in the main and a tiny scrap of Genoa out. Although the sails were balanced the swell was such that we hand steered Salty Lass. Even with our tiny sail plan we clocking on at 5.2 knots over ground, so we were quite happy with our results.

Hand steering is harder than using the auto pilot, but we are both quite happy to do it, when we take over from each other there are a few missed waves, but we both quite happy to be on the wheel. You need to wrapped up in your thermal gear but other than that, its not too bad.

As the sun was starting to set, we got into Porth Dinllean and dropped the anchorage, it was a pretty little place and I wanted to say that the place would be beautiful in the summer, but that would mean that I didn't like the charm of the place in the Autumn, which I did.

I also tried to explain how much anchor we have out and this is explained in More Stuff goes wrong

Raising money for the RNLI

The RNLI turned 200 years old on 4th March 2024. So as sailors and people who promote the joy of sailing, we thought that we would like to raise just £200. What we hope is that other people take up the shout and raise their own £200. In the last 200 years the RNLI have saved over 144,000 lives and yet they are funded entirely by people like you. They are not government funded.

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