Clever Autopilot can follow a track

Well we found out that we can do more with our Auto pilot, we can get it to follow a track so that should be really useful. We even get the opportunity to get some drone footage in and that is fantastic.

Well I have been spending some money on what I want rather than on what I need, and what I wanted was a drone. Since we started all this I have wanted a drone, I just think drone footage is fantastic as it gives you a sense of scale, plus you get to see so much. So we went down to Fisherman's Quay and flew the drone from there. Beverley was in control for that particular flight but I also got on the controls. It was quite scary, because the drone looks so fragile but it does give great shots.

Now we had got a lot of comments from people with regard to our Autopilot install and how they thought that we could get the Autopilot to follow a track. Well it can do it so that is great.

So what we have to do is :-

  • Create a route in the chart plotter
  • Select the route that we have created
  • Now we select the route on the chart plotter

So what we did was we created two tracks, one that took us to the left and one that took us to the right. They seemed to work which is fantastic, so now all we need to be able to do it try it out in the field.