We have decided to change our blogs name to Sailing Yacht Salty Lass. When we started our channel we didn't know what we wanted. We had made the decision to change our lives drastically and we decided that we would video our progress. We had seen lots of people make the bold statement that they had sold everything and gloss over the amount of work that involves. Just how long does it take to sell everything. We started our move in July and it was four months later that we actually sold our number one asset, our house.

Once the house was sold we moved to a much smaller property in Liverpool, this gave us the money we would need to buy our yacht. We moved in November 2017 and by the end of March 2018, we had bought our yacht Salty Lass. We bought her in Troon, so our first real challenge was to bring her to Liverpool and sort her out to our liking. Its amazing the amount of time that takes and we will be carrying on the process over time. Salty Lass is a great yacht and she can be sailed straight away, but there are always improvements that you want to make and systems that need to be improved.

We still love cooking, sailing, science and so much more, we are just interested in things, but now they will all come under our new title

Sailing Yacht Salty Lass