Stuff needs doing

When ever we are not working or the winds are light then its projects for us and we just get on with stuff as stuff needs going

Adding our training wheels

We needed to add our training wheels, which are in actual fact just some wheels that protect the dinghy when it is slung across the back of Salty Lass, to help us complete this job we used

  • An Umbrella - We opened this and positioned it just below where I was working, this worked really well as it helped us catch a washer that dropped
  • Ratcheting spanners - These are great where you have a lot of room around the nut or bolt that you are working with, but they are too big for tight spaces like around the engine compartment
  • Angle grinder - This is a great tool to have on your yacht, because once equipped with the right blade they will cut anything, you can also use it for sanding. If you are cutting a threaded rod always put a nut on the rod, so that as you bring it off the rod, it will get rid of any burrs

Improving our horseshoe buoy

We had recently bought a new horse shoe buoy for Salty Lass and we had decided to add some lettering, and retro tape so for this we needed

  • Vinegar - We used this to clean the buoy
  • Retro tape - This is a special tape that reflects light, we have had a lot of fun with this tape as we have used it for a lightsaber, but the fun was over and it was time to use the tape correctly
  • Vinyl lettering - We bought ours from Vinyl Lettering online the lettering comes with a smoother which helps
  • Patience - Realistically it is just a slow and steady process

We also added the word Liverpool to the back step, so that is all done