Splicing rope - 3 braid nylon

How to make a three strand splice

Step 1: Tape the ends

Split and unravel a short length of rope. Tape the end of each braid where the braids are still neat and cut half way through the tape, so that the braids will still not unravel.

Step 2: Unlay the strands

Pick one strand, it doesn't matter which, and unwind it, making eight revolutions around the other two. Tape the rope tightly just below where this "loose" strand joins the others. Now untwist the other two strands, to where the tape is.

Step 3: The first tuck

Take the taped end and place it on top of the rope, to make an eye the size you want. Now with the main rope away from you fan out the braids, so that the left and middle braid are on top of the rope, while the right braid is to just to the right.

Lift a strand of the main rope at the point where you want the eye to close with a hollow fid and tuck the centre strand under it. Pull this first tucked strand all the way through so that the eye is closed, but don't pull so hard that you distort the lay of the rope.

Step 4: The second tuck

Tuck the left hand strand under the strand just above the first tuck and pull.

Step 5: The third tuck

Turn the rope over and tuck the last strand, under the strand that apears uppermost. (For me I look at the rope and think this strand is going to go over that strand, so the strand that is next to it needs to go below, the same strand.) Once this third tuck is made, pull on all three strands in turn to close the eye evenly.

Step 6: Over and under

Now work around the rope going over and under as you go. Make sure that you go over and under at least three times for natuarl fibres and five to six times for man made fibres such as nylon. Once you have completed the splice, trim and burn the braids, so that the splice looks neat and tidy.

Rather than cut the strand all at one go, you can cut one third of the strand, then splice the remaining two thirds. Then cut one more third and splice the last third, before making the last cut. This makes for a more tapered splice.


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