Simple lee cloth

Simple lee cloth

This is a great design for very simple bunks like ours on Salty Lass which are straight benches, which also have two places at either end of the bench where you can mount two saddles. If you are new to sewing then this is where I would start as it is the easiest sewing project there is.

You will need

  • Good quality canvas - width 1.5m, Length 2 x Seat width
  • 2 x saddles
  • Cordage - Width between the two saddles + 1 m


If you have the right canvas which is 1.5m in width then you will notice that the sides of the canvas does not fray. By using these sides to be the sides of your lee cloth, then you have already reduced the amount of sewing that you need to do. So now you can sew the edge that the cordage will go through. Fold down the side of the fabric that frays by 1 cm so that you have a nice straight edge that is perpendicular to the side edges that do not fray. If you can iron this flat. Now fold the cloth again making a 3cm fold so that the 1cm fold is tucked inside. Pin then sew together.

On the opposite side away from the 3cm fold, fold the fabric with a 1cm fold, then fold again with between a 1cm and 2cm fold making sure the 1cm fold is inside. Pin and stitch. Now feed the cordage through the 3cm fold and roughly centre the lee cloth. Tie a simple knot in the cordage at either side of the lee cloth to keep it roughly in place.

Using the lee cloth

Fold the cloth in half and place the folded cloth so that the cordage is on top and away from the outside of the bench. When it is time to use, fold out the top half of the cloth so that the other half remains under the seat. It is the weight of the sleeper that will keep this in place. With the cord you can now tie these to the saddles which you will have placed at the right position for you.

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