Saving money - Dyneema and the Dan girl

Fixing a Traditional Coastal Dan Buoy

Equipment – Empty 1350g Vanish OxiAction container. Most are pink but the crystal white container is white. Drill with bit, sharp knife, vernier, sealant, retro reflective tape

If you have a traditional coastal dan buoy then the end caps tend to get damaged by ultra violet, if yours is that sort then there is a simple fix using an empty 1350g Vanish OxiAction container.

Measure the size of the pole that goes through the dan buoy with the verniers, then drill a hole of that size through the centre of the top and bottom of the new container. Remove the ropes on the dan buoy, making sure that you pay special attention to how they are tied. There is a small clip at the top of the dan buoy that needs to be removed and put to the side for later.

There is a small lip on the inside of the container and this needs to be removed with a sharp knife. Once done, the foam inside the dan buoy will fit perfectly inside the container. Slide into place onto the pole and add sealant around the lid, make sure you put the retaining clip back before you add sealant around the holes at the top and bottom of the buoy. Add the retro reflective tape around the new dan buoy, then put the ropes back.

Dyneema Guard Rails

Equipment - Dyneema to create the guard rails. Hollow Fid, Splicing needles, cord to tighten, sharp knife

We started with a three dolphin splice at the front of the yacht, but a long tail splice could also of been used at this location. At the back then you do need to use a three dolphin splice, but you can also use a splice that is shown in a video by sailing Uma, as no hardware needs to go through this splice. Once you have spliced the dyneema, all you need to do is tighten the guard rail with the cord. Our stanchions are in really good shape, but if they are not you can put a plastic sleeve around the dyneema.