Bookcase - Boat Projects

We were back in our slip, that means that it was time for boat projects. There was so many to do, but we decided to start on the bookcase as it would free up some space in a locker that was too full for comfort.

Clearly, the first thing we needed for this project was wood, so we bought some good quality hardboard. I was set to do a beautiful drive off with the wood, but I messed up, which meant that I mounted the pavement. When Beverley turned the boat around she did a fantastic job, I just have to drive the car and I mess up.


  • Wood, for two side panels
  • Wood for the short shelves
  • Wood for the fiddles

The wood was cut to width, in our case, the width of the compression pole, so that meant that when Beverley got it back to the lass, all she had to do was cut it to length. She then filled all the little imperfections, and sanded the edges, once the filling was dry. She then shaped the top of the uprights so that they could be put against the wall. She then drilled all the holes and more importantly drilled the holes for the fiddles. She did a great job, and it went together beautifully.

Once it was all constructed, she stained it with a varnish that looks very similar to the bulk head. Once that was done, it was screwed to the compression post and the bulkhead, so that it was going nowhere.

She did a great job, or at least I think she did.