Anchor chains, shackles and swivels

Our brand new shackle had arrived at the chandlers, so we picked it up and also collected a small section of 10mm chain. Our survey had recommended a swivel that allows the anchor to turn more freely. The only issue with this swivel is that you can not attach it to the anchor directly because of the sidewards force that can be exerted by the anchor on the swivel. So in the end, we used an ordinary shackle to attach the 10mm chain to the anchor. This chain was then directly attached to the new shackle. In an ideal world, the new shackle should of been attached to the 8mm chain that we had on board, however the pin that came with the shackle was too wide to go through the 8mm chain, plus our other old shackle had ceased up, so in the end we ended up with three shackles rather than the previous two.

While we had the anchor out we also took the opportunity to remove the cable ties and mark the anchor with clips. The way we marked the chain was in binary we are geeks after all.